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5 Reasons Why You Need Construction Apps
June 21, 2019
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10 Ways to Get Submittals Approved Faster

10 Ways to Get Submittals Approved Faster

Construction submittal process is a laborious, time-consuming, arduous and slow process and sometimes the submittal packages take weeks even months to get approved depending upon their quality and functionality. Speeding up the process is critical for timely completion of every construction project but traditional and manual submittal processes are not only prone to error but also cause unnecessary delays in the approval process.

However, with the help of professional Construction Project management application, companies can not only improve accuracy and quality of the submittals but this will also enhance its transparency. Apart from the Web-based Construction Management Tools, the mobile App for Construction Submittals makes the submittal process even more convenient for engineers and contractors.

Following are the ways in which the Project Management Web Application and Construction Management Mobile App will speed up the submittal approval process:

  1. Submittal Log 
    Construction specifications that contain details about the materials, workmanship, and requirements for submittal register items can be as long as 3000 pages or more, depending upon the size of the projects. However, submittal log tool of the Project Management application for Contractors will let you create a submittal log from the spec book and regardless of the size of the spec book; the tool will provide a downloadable spreadsheet that contains accurate information about the submittal register items.
  2. Filters 
    Construction application makes it easy to filter the submittals by any specific factor, such as you can narrow down the submittals from the thousands of registered items on basis of their status, approvers, spec section, reviewers, date created, due date or submittal number.
  3. Privacy
    Plenty of people are involved in the submittal process, approve product data, shop drawings and thus dozens of external people fully participate in the submittal workflow which often put the security of the private information of the project at risk. However, this best Construction Management application will allow you to assign submittals to non-project members without adding them to the project, thus the external people like designers, vendors, or subcontractors won’t be able to access confidential documents, annotation and sheets.
  4. Share submittals 
    Easy sharing of the landing page through email makes it easy for all project members to get step-by-step cues of the project directly from the email landing page. This led them assess the progress better, track the project submittals, mockups that need revision, identify procurement issues and send it to next reviewer.
  5. Easy Markups
    To ensure that the field team constructs according to the specifications approved by the people involved in the project, the Web-based Construction Management Tools allow you to properly mark up the submittal documents, record and stamp them. Through the Web-based Application for Construction Industry, the people involved in the reviewing and approving submittals won’t need to export documents to mark them up, but will be able to highlight, stamp or add text easily at one place through the software tools.
  6. Multiple reviewers
    Sending submittal packages to multiple reviewers like architects, contractors, electrical designers, mechanical designers, plumbing designers and others, simultaneously will save plenty of time and speed up the approval process. Moreover, the Construction Management Software will also let you view comments and feedbacks from all parties, track their standings and take appropriate action where needed.
  7. Update the project team 
    By creating a Watching List for your submittal in the Project Management Software, you will be able to keep all of the project members on-board about the latest submittal item without necessarily wanting them to take action. This works like the CC works in the email. You can add additional vendors, designers, owners, internal team members or subcontractors in the watching field and keep them in the loop about all the revisions made in the submittal item.
  8. Response to Published submittals 
    The Project Management application for Contractors allows you to add response to the published submittals, this could be approved, reviewed or any such custom status which will notify all project team members about the status of the submittals and they will start building the approved ones. This will save contractors of the additional cost that they might have to bear in case of premature installation of the products without the final approval and notification by the design team.
  9. Locating approved submittals 
    Quick searching of the approved submittals, and easy availability of the critical documents and attachments in the Project Management Software for Builder make it easy for the field team to effortlessly find the desired document, speed up the process and prevent unnecessary delays in the workflow.
  10. Custom PDF reports
    A project needs to be on track in order to get its submittal approved quickly and to ensure that, project reports are regularly requested. And more professional they look, the greater impression they will leave. The Professional Construction Management Software Program for Web allows you to generate professional looking custom PDF reports to send them to the interested parties.

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